by AnnHunt on October 12, 2009

Pune is a big, bustling and very polluted city. It’s filled wilh lots of cars, buses and rickshaws. And one of the things I have learned here is that traffic rules simply to do not apply. I have both observered and experienced some crazy driving! I have been in rickshaws driving on the opposite side of the road and going the wrong way down one way streets. And who knows what the speed limit is? Plus it is not uncommon to get into a rickshaw and give the address only to be driven around in circles to run up the meter or for that matter not even arriving at the correct destination (which did happen).

But in spite of all that I have had a wonderful experience here. Upon recommendation of a good friend I came here to study yoga with a very special teacher. His name is Dharmavir and is a true gem!  He had been a teacher at the Iyengar Institute years ago and left to do his own thing. He is warm and wise, creative and inspiring. I have had the opportunty to really focus on my own yoga and have learned so much about working with props i.e. the wall, ropes, bolsters, blocks and so much more. He clearly has a loyal following of local Indian students and as well teaches in Germany. It has truly been a privilege to study with him. In addition he has given me fun rides around Pune on the back of his motor bike as well as has introduced me to wonderful south Indian cuisine.

Pune is also well know as the home of Osho International Meditation Resort (previously referred to as an ashram). I spent the past week-end inside the gates experiencing some of the many styles of meditation offered inspired by Osho himself. I tried everything from Dynamic meditation to Kundalini meditation as well did a silent meditation in what previously was Osho’s home. And interestingly in the entrance to this particular meditation space is one of his remaining Rolls Royces. Osho is an interesting and beautiful place with numerous gardens, pathways, ponds and pyramid shaped buildings. Hygiene and cleanliness are very important and without a doubt this was the cleaness place I have been in India. In order to participate one has to take a mandatory HIV test and then purchase a maroon robe. All participants (during the day) wear maroon as it’s said it helps maintain the energy field. This place draws people from all over the world. I met people from India, Pakistan, England, France, Italy, Israel, Czeck Republic to name a few.

As I write this I am sitting outside the German Bakery, a common gathering spot for many westerners as well as Osho participants. I believe that each place I have visited in India has had a German Bakery. It’s been refreshing to have the opportunity here to eat a fresh salad, the first in almost a month.

So now I have made arrangements for transport to the airport on Wednesday. Hard to believe that this month of travel I have dreamed about is coming to an end. I have had so many incredible experiences and will carry so many memories home with me. I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you. Om Shanti.

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